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poet5170Poetry by Elsie
*WELCOME TO MY WORLD* ~ Read my poems full of fact, fiction and fantasy.

IT`S YOUR DECISION Well we have our dreams and our fantasies But how many of them turn into realities, We fantasize about what the future may hold Then sit back and wait for it to all unfold. ... More

~WELCOME TO DREAMLAND~ Read my Poems to Know me. I am in my poems.

Please, visit the site for the poem. Text on Picture is not visible here. ... More

poetic2050Poetry by poetic2050
Feedback and critique requested.

Window's of Life
I've roamed across many pathways throughout this lifetime Compiled a rippling of questions inside the doors of my mind Worn the love of a true friend during winter's harshest clime Lived in elegance ... More

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Poetry Anthology
They hate to keep telling you, they hate to keep being here, they hate what they are, they hate why they're here, they hate anything about you, they hate why, Now, that they have said that, CAre! Just ... More

seevisionPoetry by seevision
Feedback and critique requested.

A Question and a Corner a Dream
A nocturnal breach as performed in passing the torch to the lighted day. When the sun comes upon the door the view that is outside out of my hair has opened the mind out of sleeping air. ... More

poetryToday's Poetry
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